New Construction

PERCH designs new houses, additions, and any components thereof, either alongside an architect or independently.


939 Dorset St, Charlotte, VT

PERCH provided on-call design expertise for a new net-zero house that involved several modifications to an architect’s plans. Initiatives included selecting open web joists to span an additional 4 feet, specifying concrete for a changing-height basement wall made with insulating concrete forms (ICFs), and designing reinforcing bar placement.


241 Eagle Mountain Harbor Rd, Milton, VT

A narrow plot of land overlooking Lake Champlain demanded a vertical floor plan with a walk-out basement. PERCH designed a 16-foot-by-19-foot garage slab spanning over the basement, which included specifying a corrugated steel form deck and fitting a reinforcement mat into a 5-inch slab depth. PERCH verified rebar placement on-site before concrete was placed.

30 Butternut Hill Rd, Waitsfield, VT

PERCH was structural designer for a new porch in Waitsfield, VT. The design was governed by strict geometric constraints, and PERCH worked closely with architect Archentasis and contractor x to satisfy the needs of all parties. PERCH designed roof purlins to withstand a sliding snow load from an upper roof, an LVL loadbearing beam, ledger connections to the house, and a tee foundation to fit within an aesthetic outer wall.

169 Ferguson St, Burlington, VT

PERCH was structural designer for a rear addition to a single-family house in Burlington, VT. Working within the plans developed by Hinge Architects, PERCH designed floor joists and foundations for the new construction. PERCH also analyzed an existing concrete block foundation, performed an on-site soil test, and designed a retrofit to accommodate the weight of a second story.