Hoists and Cranes

PERCH offers structural services for the installation of high-rise construction equipment.

Residences at Bulfinch Crossing, Boston, MA

PERCH designed two hoists for access to a 50-story residential tower under construction in Boston, MA. Challenges included foundation design for such a tall hoist, developing a clamping tie to a four-story concrete column that could withstand wind forces on the hoist, and designing a post-construction detail for anchoring to a prestressed concrete floor slab where the general contractor inadvertently omitted two inserts prior to placing the concrete. PERCH drafted plans for hoist construction, conducted a site visit, and corresponded with hoist subcontractor Julian Crane as well as the general contractor.

Clippership Wharf, East Boston, MA

PERCH designed the foundation and support structure for a 90 foot tall tower crane used to build a new residential tower in East Boston, MA. The crane was located on a floor slab above an open basement, requiring PERI shoring posts and a steel bridge beam assembly to transfer loads from the crane outrigger cones to four existing pile caps. PERCH also developed a construction sequence to pre-load the shoring posts and minimize deflection of the slab.

1350 Boylston St, Boston, MA

PERCH designed tiebacks and shoring for a twin-cab hoist for construction of a condominium in the Fenway neighborhood of Boston, MA. A shoring system supports the hoist from below through two levels of garage under the ground floor.