PERCH designs foundations, superstructures, and sitework for commercial facilities.

IMG_100974 Abington Rd, Hingham, MA

PERCH designed the foundation for a new office and storage facility for Julian Crane. A sloping property with a wetland restricted the install location. PERCH designed two foundation walls to double as retaining walls, resisting pressure from up to 8 feet of soil below the structure. PERCH also specified soil compaction requirements and proposed options for the parking lot guardrail.

Capstone, Morrisville, VT

PERCH designed the foundation for a x square foot building in Morrisville, VT. The general contractor was H.A. Manosh. Custom roof trusses placed all loadbearing walls on the exterior, permitting a slab on grade with several construction joints on the interior. PERCH ordered soil testing and determined that the fill on site is non-frost-susceptible, enabling a shallow foundation around the perimeter of the exterior wall. PERCH prepared structural plans as needed for permitting and construction.